Kiss and Ride 

The Kiss & Ride is a designated area for parents picking up or dropping off their children by private vehicle. The area is separate from the bus loading/unloading location so there is no conflict between the two operations.  For the Kiss & Ride to function properly, several procedures MUST be followed:

Morning Drop-Off – Starts at 8:35 A.M. –students should be in their classrooms no later than 8:45 A.M. (NO EARLY DROP-OFFS)         

  1. School staff will provide supervision.
  2. The cars should pull up to the drop-off area. 
  3. Your child must be ready to immediately exit your vehicle in order to allow the flow of Kiss and Ride to go smoothly and quickly. 
  4. Children unload from the PASSENGER side of the car only so they will not have to cross in front of other cars.  Students should enter the school through the breezeway (door 3).
  5. Drivers remain in the car.
  6. Cars must stay in a single file line as they move through the Kiss & Ride area.
  7. Parents who want to enter the school must park in an available parking space or on the street. All visitors must enter through door 1 and check in at the office. 
  8. Plan ahead – the Kiss & Ride area can be congested!


Afternoon Pick-Up – Starts at 3:30 PM and ends at 3:45 PM

  1. All drivers must be patient and wait for their turn to pull into the Kiss and Ride area. 
  2. Hang your assigned number from the rearview mirror when picking up your child.  We will use that number to get your child safely from the building to your car.
  3. Please pull between the parking cones and do not go around other vehicles.
  4. Parents MUST stay in the car while waiting in the Kiss & Ride line.  Do NOT get out of your car to help load student belongings. Kiss & Ride staff will assist your child.
  5. Children will enter the vehicle on the passenger side.
  6. Children should be able to buckle themselves. If they are unable to, please find a parking spot to assist your child with this.
  7. Any child not picked up when Kiss & Ride ends will be taken to the office. Parents must then come to the office and sign their child out.

Bicycle/Walking Safety

Recognizing the health benefits, FCPS encourages parents to consider having their children walk and/or ride a bicycle to and from school.  This parental decision is not subject to review by the principal. The unique procedures for kindergarten students are addressed in the current version of Regulation 8617, Student Transportation – Eligibility, Routes, and Schedules.


  • Obey safety patrols, and automobile traffic rules, including signaling for turns and stopping at intersections.
  • Bikes can be locked to the bike rack.
  • Bicycle helmets are mandatory to ride to school!


  • Walking students must use designated paths, sidewalks, or the crosswalk where safety patrols are stationed.
  • Walkers are released from the main entrance.

Bus Riders

FCPS provides bus transportation for students who reside more than a mile from the school. Bus riders should follow these guidelines:

  • Refrain from crossing or playing on private property.
  • Cooperate with the safety patrols and obey the bus drivers.
  • Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Remain seated and talk quietly after boarding the bus.

Procedures for safe transportation are included in the SR&R. It is also important that parents review this information with their child(ren).  Parents’ reinforcement of the rules for safe loading and unloading of buses and of standards for behavior on buses and at bus stops is essential and will promote safety.  Student failure to exhibit acceptable standards of conduct while riding a school bus can result in a suspension of bus transportation.

Kindergarten Parents: 

  • For your child’s safety, a parent, daycare provider, designated adult, or a sibling in 7th grade or higher is required to meet your child at the bus stop/bus door. If someone is not at the bus stop/bus door, the child will be returned to school.

Bus Delay Notification System

  • This system provides parents with timely notification of late bus route information.  Parents may access the system at the link below or use the FCPS Mobile App to receive the delayed bus report. Morning route information will be available until noon. The afternoon route information will be available from 1-5 p.m.  
  • Need assistance or have questions?  Contact the transportation office at 703-249-7000.  

FCPS School Bus Delays

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