Safety Patrols are a vital component to the safety and working order of Union Mill Elementary School’s environment.  Safety Patrols are students in 5th or 6th grade that have chosen to take on the responsibility of facilitating a safe working and learning environment.

Our patrols have been trained in a live-action, over-turned bus simulation where they gained first-hand knowledge in how to deal with an overturned bus.  Union Mill’s patrols are trained in managing behaviors and expectations around the school.  Our patrols can be seen on buses, in crosswalks, shuttling children home in the Kiss and Ride line, and management in the hallways.

At Union Mill, our patrols are the backbone of our school and they play a key role in relaying information and safety to adults and students in the building.  We thank every student who has chosen to be a Safety Patrol.

Our Safety Patrol Sponsors